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Nights Out Minibus

Ascot – Nites Out 

Ascot is a laid back town, but is not short of nightlife options.  
Club1 is the leading nightclub in town, offering various events, such as live music, and tribute shows. Jags Club, another popular venue, offers live electric music. Bar1 Ascot, and the Bar at Coworth Park are well frequented bars. The top pubs are the Duke of Edinburgh. The Dukes Head nightclub offer stunning Thai and other exotic food. A wider option awaits revellers at nearby towns, such as Blacknell and Winsdor. The Coppid Beech in Blacknell, and nightclubs such as Atik and Mantra in Windsor, within seven miles from Ascot, are very popular in the region. Of course, Central London is just 25 miles away, and offers those seeking an exciting lifetime infinite options, and the best options available in the whole world. 
Enjoying the night to the fullest may require frequenting several establishments, spread over considerable distances, and it requires reliable transportation to do so. We offer minibus for your group, to do exactly that. 
We offer the best coaches in town, with models such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos, and Iveco coaches, offering the utmost comfort. Our thorough maintenance schedule ensures these vehicles are always in prime running condition, and do not break down on you. When you opt for minibus hire in Ascot from us, you also gain the services of our customer support team, who renders all possible assistance, and diligently executes all the required background work, for the trip to proceed perfectly. 
We also offer you maximum flexibility. With our minibus hire, your nites out in Ascot need not end up as a damp squib, because your driver is uncooperative, and a sticker to the schedule. With us, you have freedom to go wherever you desire, and our driver would oblige, without compromising your safety. In fact, our drivers are locals, with thorough knowledge of the local area and establishments, and would be in a good position to offer ground level advice. 
We also offer the lowest rates for Ascot minibus hire service. Our highly professional services, aimed at delighting the customer, offer the best value for your money. 
For the best nites out in Ascot, reserve your minibus today. We operate 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, without any holidays. We have easy systems that make things easy for the customer. Read through the testimonials left by satisfied customers, and join their ranks!