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Ascot – Minibus Hire with Driver 
Our Ascot minibus hire service is in high demand, for a wide variety of purposes. Corporate groups and businesses hire our coaches for airport transfers, transferring their delegates to business venues, hotels, and other places, for days out trip, and bonding trips for executives, for home drop of employees, and several other purposes. Tour groups, group of friends, and others avail our minibus hire in Ascot to visit the Ascot racecourse, Windsor Castle, Thorpe Park, Swinley Forests, and other attractions in the region. Event organisers rely on our fleet of vehicles to transport their staff, performing artists, and guests. Individuals responsible for a group, and others, often make use of our vehicles to attend concerts, visit golf courses, for wedding functions, for stag do and hen do nites, for funerals, and for a host of other purposes. 
The reason for our popularity is not hard to find. We offer the best vehicles, such as Volvo and Iveco coaches, among other models of minibus, and these vehicles come fully loaded, with all material comforts. We also make it a point to maintain these vehicles well. Our rates are also the lowest in the region, and we offer unbridled flexibility. Our well established systems, and a long standing presence allow us to offer reliable service, and makes us popular.  
However, along with all these factors, one of our key strengths, which allow us to soar leap and bounds over competition, is our workforce, especially drivers, and customer support executives. 
All our Ascot minibus hire services come with the services of a driver, and all our drivers are skilled, competent, experienced, intelligent, resourceful, honest, and friendly. We recruit drivers after extensive tests, to ascertain their all-round skills.  
We make sure they have excellent driving skills, and many years of experience, handling the vehicles they are assigned to drive. For instance, a decade of experience driving a Ford Transit is of little help, when navigating a Volvo double decker coach. Similarly, a driver who is always riding a large Iveco coach, may not be able to manoeuvre the small Mercedes 16 seater skilfully, and make full use of the vehicle’s capabilities. 
We also consider the driver’s mental faculties, especially his ability to handle pressure, his resourcefulness, and his integrity. How a driver reacts in a crunch situation, and how he handles an out-of-the-norm situation, during the course of a trip, is very important, and ofter underestimated. 
We further train our drivers in safe driving practises, customer care, information on traffic regulation, and other aspects. We also ensure that they have adequate rest between trips, so that they remain fully alert, when driving your minibus. The drivers we hire are local to the region, and know the routes well, including diversions and short cuts that an unfamiliar driver may not be aware. 
When you avail our minibus hire with driver, you also get the backing of our customer support team, who works diligently in the background, day in and day out. The customer support team coordinates the trip, and follows up with everything, from flight status to hotel check out times, and more. They also support the driver, by providing them with critical updates, such as real time traffic information, as required. 
To book your minibus hire in Ascot, fill up the online booking form. You may also opt to contact our customer support team directly. Either way, you are assured of prompt and efficient service, as hundreds of previous customers have experience before. Once you experience our service, we are sure, you would also recommend our services, and come back to us the next time, just as our previous customers have done.