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Ascot minibus hire 
At Ascot minibus hire, we are one of the best transport service companies operating in the Ascot city. We have many years of experience in the industry, providing state-of-the-art minibuses: from 8-seater to 72-seater based on the needs of our clients. Our minibuses for hire are convenient and efficient for those who want airport transportation, colourful wedding transportation, business events and conferences, sport events, personal hire, and any other function that you may to attend in the city. In fact, we are regarded as a successful provider of cheap transportation services without sacrificing the quality. 
Why You Should Hire Our Ascot Minibuses  
Efficiency and comfort  

We provide improvised vehicles fitted with seat belt that keep our customers safe even in times of an accident, brand new luxurious leather seat for comfort, tables, toilet, TV, on-the-go hot drinks together with cup holders served by our friendly waiters/waitress and high quality air conditioners to maintain the air circulation. In addition, these minibuses have large baggage storage space and an excellent leg space. 
Emergency Services  
We always observe, and protect you from extra costs such as flight delay charges. In case of any mechanical breakdown, our mechanics will come to you with 15 minutes of your call. Our staffs are very friendly and highly experienced to assist you in booking the best minibus for your need anytime. We offer our services at competitive prices. 
Qualified drivers 
Our drivers are fully qualified and are well experienced, they are checked by the CRB, so you are rest assured that you will travel stress free. They are always polite and friendly to customers. In fact, our drivers are committed to providing our clients with a lot of safety. We even allow you to interact with any of them whenever you have any question or problem. 
Maintenance of the vehicle 
Our skilled and professional technicians offer regular service to our fleets of minibuses. This enables us to provide vehicles with perfect conditions that reach any destination without the worry over the breakdown. However, in case of any breakdown, our technicians can easily reach you within the first 15 minutes of your call: They are supper first and efficient.  
What to See and Do with Our Minibuses Hire in Ascot  
Ascot is a beautiful city with lots of attractive places. First, you can drive to the main sport venue in Ascot. This is the place where you can watch various teams play football. You can visit the Flat course rising, which is attended the most famous personalities in England, including the royal family. The flat course racing is a run on a rough triangular course. You and your group will have a chance to view the National Hunt race and have a privilege to predict the winning horse before the race begun. There are also various picnic in the city, which can enjoy as you eat your snacks. 
Your visit to Ascot city is not complete without taking a tour to St. George, St. Mary’s school of Ascot, the Army Cadet Force and the St Patrick’s Day Parade as well as the local high street for shopping and dining. 
Our company will take away all the stress you may have, including the traffics, getting lost because you don’t know the direction and tiredness due to long distance drive. Remember, we offer better services at affordable prices. 
For more information about our Ascot minibus hire, please feel free contact us support today. We are here to satisfy our clients 100%.