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Concert Coach Hire

Ascot – Concert Coach Hire 

The Ascot racecourse is the venue for several high profile concerts. The Dubai Duty free Shergar Cup and Concert, scheduled for 6 August 2016, is one of the most high profile and exciting upcoming events in the Ascot racecourse calendar. The concert follows a day of competitive racing, on the fairground at Bandstand lawns, complete with champagne and cocktail bars. 
The roads leading to concert venues can be terribly crowded during the major festivals and events. Taking a car along will be self –defeating in the circumstances, considering you may be spending a good amount of time inside your car, when you should be out, enjoying the concert. The inconvenience is multiplied, when you are a large group, and your group would be split up in two or more vehicles. 
The solution is to opt for concert coach hire from us. With a minibus hire in Ascot, you need not be bothered about the vehicle. If you are stuck in traffic, you can simply walk the last leg, leaving the driver to park the minibus, and wait for you after the concert. In any case, our drivers are very experienced, and skillful, and know the local area very well. They are privy to local routes that motorists from other parts may not be aware of, and could reach your concert venue faster.  
We offer the best vehicles available, such as Volvos, Iveco coaches, Mercedes 16 seater, and Ford Transit, in which your group can travel together, and travel in style. These vehicles offer maximum comfort, and ample personal space, allowing members of your group to relax, and have fun, at the same time. Our customer support team makes good any special requests you may have. You could, for instance, arrange for your favourite videos of the artist, and get into the mood.  
We have an established reputation for providing 100 percent reliability, and total flexibility. We are also renowned for our low costs. Our Ascot minibus hire service is the most inexpensive offering you can get in the region, but it delivers on the best service as well. We strive for professionalism, and focus on delighting our customers in everything we do, and we reap the results in a large number of repeat customers, and positive testimonials from customers, delighted with our services. 
Fill up the online booking form, or contact customer care, to avail your minibus hire in Ascot, today.