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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

Ascot – 49 Seater 53 Seater Coach 

A 49 seater coach, and 53 seater coaches, are popular configurations, to move large tour groups, corporate executives, delegates, and others, from one place to another.  
Our Ascot minibus hire services, offer the best 49 seater and 53 seater coaches, from Volvo, and Iveco. These coaches offer all the luxury features expected from a coach, such as air conditioning, comfortable seats, music and DVD system GPS, ample leg space, ample luggage space, and more. They also come fitted with the latest safety devices, which though always not visible from the exterior, allow the driver to remain in greater control, and improve the performance of the vehicles. 
Large tour groups, and other groups visit Ascot, to witness the charming countryside, partake in the Ascot races, and to see the other attractions of the region. Corporate executives also visit Ascot in significant numbers, for business events, conferences, and other meetings, held at the Ascot racecourse, and other venues in the region. Our Ascot minibus hire services are very popular with all these groups, as we have an established presence in the region, and we are known to offer the best service, with maximum value for money. 
When a large group of around 50 guests travel together, they have the potential to leverage economies of scale. When they travel together, the fuel and other costs are divided among a larger number, bringing down the per-head costs considerably. However, this does not often happen in the real world, simply owing to the paucity of good and reliable options to transport all members of the group in one go, or because of the tendency of the coach hire provider, to take advantage of the situation, and charge high rates. With our minibus hire in Ascot, you are assured of none of such unpleasant instances happening. 
We offer the lowest rates in town, as well as the best service. Our customer support team is available on call for 24 hours a day, and our drivers are known for their skilled driving, and many years of experience driving similar coaches. We have established a reputation by offering a high level of reliability, and by having instituted easy, customer friendly policies, and practises.  
Contact our customer support team, or fill up the online booking form, and reserve your 53 seater coach now. We are available everywhere in SL postcode area, and your group can travel, all together, and share the fun and bonding.